Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my stock changed symbol?

This happened to FB for example, which changed its ticker to META. Digrin does not handle this change automatically, so investors have to do the migration themselves by editing the stock symbol on transactions.

What should I do if my stock had split?

Nothing, Digrin should handle Stock splits automatically. You might check if Digrin knows about split on stock details page, where split tab should have this information. Keep in mind it might take a few weeks for Digrin to realize there was a stock split and also adjust historical stock prices. Digrin might unfortunately provide invalid data before this is completely processed, but eventually all data should make sense automatically.

My shares count doesn't match?

Most common reason behind share count mismatch is above-mentioned split, which Digrin accounts for automatically. You can check this on stock details page, split tab e.g. AAPL split. If you want to remove split from your portfolio, you will need to add sell transaction to your portfolio to counter split adjustments. If there was no split, please check for DRIP setting on your stock. If you have DRIP enabled (Edit option in portfolio overview), Digrin will automatically add dividends as stock shares, which might cause your shares count to be higher than expected.